about who are we?


The Visual Theatre is Dutch Design by Emmy van Thiel & Joost de Nooy, graphic and interaction designers. We believe in writing the script together with our clients. This enables us to turn our combined ideas, values and wishes into a unique play.

What do you mean, script?

Have you ever seen a good movie without a script? And what good is a script if you can't turn it into a movie? Because you want to share it with others and see their reactions and emotions, right?

We'd love to be there to share this moment with you . . . and believe we can play a crucial role in your production!

For more information, questions, or remarks and of course (sharing) creative ideas feel free to contact us at design@thevisualtheatre.nl

Emmy van Thiel

Emmy van Thiel

Emmy is a graphic designer who loves focussing on creative concepts and experimenting with the visual image, which often results in surprising, refreshing ideas. Systems and a visual grammar based on the core of the question are very important and make each design unique and tailored. 

Incorporating the dynamics of a continually evolving society is somethings that fascinates me enormously. Experimenting with this and in doing so creating distinctive and contemporary designs with spunk.

Joost de Nooy

Joost is an interaction designer who likes to combine design with creative coding. Coding in its broadest sense that is, since half of the systems are in his head. What fascinates and helps people and how can you ensure something isn't just useful, but also beautiful – or the other way around? 

A lot of people tend to associate coding and interaction design only with websites. What happens if you take a step back? Think about it. Systems, interaction and code are part of your whole concept? Let's make a grand scheme!